Other resources

A Handbook for Network Builders Seeking Social Change

This handbook provides the growing number of people who are developing networks for social change with practical advice based on the experiences of network builders, case studies of networks small and large, local and international, and emerging scientific knowledge about “connectivity.”

A thought guide to growing innovations well

Shared Assets share three publications to help groups that are considering scaling up; case studies, thought guides and a group decision-making toolkit.

Better Evaluation

Collection of materials for impact evaluation.

Business Model Canvas

This canvas is to help work out the business model that sits behind a business plan.

Business Model Tools

Business Models Inc shares canvases to create new business models and value propositions.

Campaigning, decision making and facilitation

Seeds for Change offers us a list of resources for campaigning, decision making and running workshops.

Catalyzing Networks for Social Change

This guide is for grantmakers who are just beginning to explore and experiment with networks and for those who are further along and want to reflect on their practice.

Community Shares

Community shares are interesting to networks because they could be used to raise capital for network activities. They can save local shops and pubs, finance renewable energy schemes, transform community facilities, support local food growing, fund new football clubs, restore heritage buildings, and above all, build stronger, more vibrant, and independent communities.

Decision making

This wiki contains a complete decision making guide.

Design Kit

Design Kit has resources on human-centred design to help you routinely innovate and solve big problems.


Holacracy started out in 2007 as a flat-governance alternative for fast-changing organizations. Here you can find resources to implement this organizational structure.

Losing Control

Losing Control shares a series of articles on flat governance, leadership and movement building.

Managing Change

Tools and techniques for change management from NVCO.

Movement Building Canvas

The Movement Building Canvas is a practical framework to help you, your team or your organisation design your movement for maximum impact. Tested with NGOs, community groups and start-ups, it can be used at any time to explore movement building ideas.

Network evaluation

Network Impact shares a complete guide on how to evaluate networks with a special focus on networks for social change.

Rhizome collection of resources

A collection of resources for impact evaluation.


Sociocracy For All offers us a complete library of resources to help us deploying a sociocratic governance structure.

Tips for more effective meetings

Do your meetings get side-tracked and off-topic? Does your group have a difficult time following through on decisions? Jennifer Rau of Sociocracy For All (SoFA) offers some tips for getting the most out of meetings and avoiding common pitfalls in this podcast.

Toolkit for campaigners, activists and organisers

This page contains key resources and tools developed for NEON’s training programmes and day-to-day operations.