the ‘s’ in ESG

Businesses & Brands

The ‘Social’ component of your ESG strategy is crucial, and yet it can be the most difficult part. As experts in social change, we’ll help your business support communities and movements in a way that meets their needs and yours. 

What we do

We design and deliver grant distribution programmes.

We sign grant agreements on behalf of grantees.

We take care of the whole grantmaking process.

We help groups with bespoke support, whether that’s to do with governance, comms or fundraising. 

Let’s put our heads together

Need fresh ideas to tackle a specific challenge? We love working with forward-thinking trusts and foundations to find and test new solutions.

Our difference

Over £16m in total channelled to grassroots groups through SCN

87% of groups* said SCN has given them more peace of mind about their group’s finances
100% of funders* said SCN has enabled them to consider unincorporated, grassroots groups as potential grantees
80% of funders* said working with SCN has encouraged them to make deeper shifts to their funding policies or models

*Responding to our 2021 annual survey – read our full Impact Report here

Relevant FAQs

We support a wide range of actors looking to get funding to grassroots groups. This includes businesses, foundations, trusts, philanthropists, institutions, and intermediaries. Not sure if it’s suitable for you? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. 

We primarily support informal, grassroots community groups that are unincorporated. That means they’re not registered as a legal entity, such as a charity or community interest company.

They may or may not have a constitution – that is, an agreed set of principles around how they govern themselves. And they tend to be hyperlocal, volunteer-led groups that work to benefit the communities they serve.

All our services charge a fee ranging from 5% to 7% depending on what you need. There may be extra costs if we’ve agreed something bespoke. Take a look at our different services here – you can find the prices on the relevant pages.

Yes, we can. The set-up is different, though, so we’d need to talk you through the process first. Get in touch to find out how it works.