About Unlocking Networks

Unlocking Networks is a bank of resources created by the Peer Network Programme. Their aim is to help understand what networks are, how to build and grow networks, and how to sustain them.

The Peer Network Programme or People’s Community of Practice (CoP) was a programme funded by Power to Change, the independent trust supporting community businesses in England, and run by The Social Change Agency and Shared Assets. From 2016-2018 it supported 13 community business peer networks to:

  • Develop new and innovative approaches which improve peer networks and support movement towards self-sustainability
  • Improve collaboration between support providers and community businesses across the sector
  • Attract new ideas, opinions and approaches to stimulate creativity from a wider field of influence
  • Assess the merits of different networking approaches e.g. digital, online/offline, resource/experience sharing
  • Identify, where possible new viable business models e.g. membership, blend of digital/face to face, to support peer to peer networks over the longer term​