Summer Sale Now On For Grassroots Groups

Calling out to all changemakers – we’re here to help!

The Social Change Nest was set up to break down barriers for civil society. We take care of the paperwork and admin so informal groups and movements can focus on making change. Over the last four years we’ve channelled over £19m to grassroots groups and movements. Our community is now over 500 strong. 

But we know there are many more of you out there and if we want a strong, thriving civil society, we need all hands on deck. Community groups, foodbanks, solidarity funds, network builders… if you’re making social change and want some help, we’re here. We’re on a push this summer to reach more groups across the UK in all kinds of causes so for a limited time, we’re waiving our onboarding fees! Who doesn’t love a summer sale?

With SCN, you can…

  • Apply for and receive grant funding


  • Manage your funds transparently and collaboratively


  • Receive admin and financial support, e.g. we’ll process all your expenses


  • Become part of a community of 500+ grassroots groups and movements


  • Access helpful resources and tools


  • Talk to our Community Development Officer to find out what kind of extra support you might need


We support groups through fiscal hosting – this is where we hold money on behalf of groups and share our infrastructure and legal status. 


We know that social change can take place anywhere – and often it’s informal and volunteer-led. Yet without a legal status, it can be difficult to access funding or support, which leads to movements burning out, stagnating, or incorporating before they’re ready. Our support means that groups don’t have to get bogged down with the admin and that they’re not alone on what can be a difficult (but rewarding!) journey. 

We’re keen to reach more groups this year because a thriving civil society is an inclusive and diverse one. So we’re having a bit of a summer sale and waiving our £42 onboarding fee. If you’re interested, take this survey to find out how we can help.

July 5, 2024

Want to win more grants?

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