Decolonising Economics (DE) is run by Noni Makuyana and Guppi Bola, who’ve been organising together for 6 years.

The duo build power and resource for BIPOC (black, indigenous, and other people of colour) communities in the solidarity economy, to help bring about a just transition rooted in principles of racial justice.

In 2021, DE were offered funding to support their transformation into a worker cooperative. However, the opportunity was only open to registered entities, which they were not. So they contacted us to explore fiscal hosting as a solution.

Since early 2022, DE have tripled their income. And, thanks to the security we offer, they’ve been able to obtain core funding that wouldn’t have been accessible otherwise.

“The process and anticipated operational demands for running our own organisation (as two part-time organisers) felt overwhelming, and the legal responsibilities to Companies House and the Financial Conduct Authority felt in conflict with our own principles. With SCN, we gain insights into managing our budget and have accountability on our spend but are relieved of a lot of governance bull**** that is expected from funders because they are regulated by the Charity Commission, who do not want radicals to succeed… Thank you SCN for always being a massive support to us.”